Ines Di Santo Fall 2019 Couture Bridal Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday April 3, 2019

Take a deep breath: you’re going to need it. The Ines di Santo Fall 2019 Bridal Couture Collection has dropped, and we’re living for it.

We’re all about keeping it real at Perfête, so we have to be brutally honest about the state of bridal wear. While we COMPLETELY understand the Royal Wedding fever and consider the Duchess of Sussex an absolute icon, we’re a bit…over the minimalistic bridal trend. Her look will remain iconic forever, but let it have its place in time and fashion history and let’s get back to glamming things up for a minute mmkay? I mean this is your WEDDING DAY.

So bring on the ball gowns, the tulle, the lace, the sequins, and the mile-long veils. Let’s bring some DRAMA back into wedding style. With that vibe, we present the incredible Fall 2019 Couture Bridal Collection by the always exceptional Ines Di Santo. The collection, named “East of the Sun and West of the Moon,” is an inspired walk through a modern fairytale. Bold uses of fabrics and color. Movement, shimmer and also jaw-dropping wedding gowns. Precisely what we’ve been missing in bridal couture!

What to Expect from Ines di Santo Fall 2019:

The opulent collection you’re about to see contains so many elements of on-trend bridal couture that we can’t even think straight! Here’s a cheat sheet of the latest and greatest in bridal couture that makes an appearance on the runway:

Mesmerizing Sleeves

Make a note of the silky sleeves in several of these jaw-dropping looks. From sheer, barely-there silks, loose and also floating organza and fitted duchess sleeves embellished with embroidery, statement sleeves are a signature of 2019 bridal couture!

Dramatic, Floor-Sweeping Capes

The Ines di Santo Fall 2019 Collection embraces drama, and there’s no better way to do that than sweeping, floating and elegantly draped capes!

Risky Ribbons

You’ll note the use of satin ribbons on many of the gowns in this line-up, dancing along the line of prim and proper and undone. Statement backs, corsets and trailing ends are everywhere on this bridal couture runway.

Handpainted Elements

Besides artful embroidery, several gowns in the Ines di Santo Fall 2019 Collection feature breathtaking, handpainted florals along the skirt- guaranteeing you’ll be a work of art on your wedding day.

Plunging Necklines

Bridal couture dares to test the boundaries of traditional bridal fashion and teasing; dramatic plunges are popular on the runway. In addition to navel-gracing necklines, racy corset tops and naughty sweetheart necklines are a staple in the Ines di Santo Fall 2019 Bridal Couture Collection!