2019 Bridal Fashion Trends ahead of NYBFW

Kunbi O / Thursday March 28, 2019

As we prepare for the unveiling of next season’s wedding gowns, we decided to look back and predict what could be coming up next. Thankfully, Harper’s Bazaar released their 2019 bridal fashion trends last month, and we are CELEBRATING thinking about all of the ways that we will see these trendy items in your big day affairs. From playful feathery plumes to colorful floral details, their take on this year’s bridal trends is what gorgeous wedding day dreams are made of. We have narrowed down their list of fourteen bridal trends of 2019 to our top five – in no particular order. Get ready to take some notes and shine, babes. This is going to be fun.

1.) Over-the-top regal design

Saiid Kobeisy | Christian Siriano | Morilee

First off on the list is over-the-top regal design. With an affinity for all of those gorgeous royal weddings of 2018, we may be experiencing some sort of residual effect. In short, no way can we let go of fairy tale dreams of becoming royalty and basking in luxury. Thankfully, wedding dress designers like Saiid Kobeisy have embraced that and are fulfilling our dreams right down the aisle with voluminous skirts and intricate detail work.


2.) Feathery plumes