Saiid Kobeisy Vision of Love Bridal Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday March 6, 2019

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Single, engaged, married – whatever your status, it’s always fun to look at gorgeous wedding dresses, right? It’s also one of our absolute favorite things to share on the blog, because to us it truly feels like visiting an art gallery. Today’s stunning collection by Saiid Kobeisy is no exception. The grand dresses in his 2019 Vision of Love Collection are so absolutely decadent, we feel they could have been worn by a queen or princess at a romantic castle wedding. The cascading silhouettes and dynamic cuts are fabric in these gowns would make for a jaw dropping walk down the aisle. The delicate details of lace, appliques and embroidery coupled with some seriously stunning veils truly make this collection a traditional bride’s dream.

Weaving in inspiration from faraway cultures, the house’s works are a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twist makes a lasting impression.