Our Winter Wardrobe Wish List

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday January 18, 2019

So many reasons to love Friday. If you’re on the 9-5 grind, the work week is over – which, is it just us, or was this the LONGEST week ever after the beautiful holiday break? Also gotta love a Friday cause it’s payday and after buying alllll those holiday gifts it is time to TREAT YOSELF. Being totally honest, there’s nothing I love more than a good tipsy online shopping sesh. Maybe you call it irresponsible, but I call it a damn good time. While I bought myself a few things here and there throughout December (insert Grinch meme here) I mostly added and added and added to a million online carts and wishlists. Even here in LA it’s been super cold (aka below 60 degrees) so I’ve been loving all the cozy turtlenecks, velvet and chic af coats. Here’s a list of the items I’m finally tapping “checkout” on:

Plaid coat | Faux Fur Jacket | Rina Dress  | Asymmetrical dress | Sequin midi | Striped pants | Spanx Leather Leggings | Tall Boots |  Burberry scarf |The Perfect Tote|  Velvet Gucci Bag |Bucket BagWhite sweater | Fluffy wrap sweater |Oversize turtleneck|Shaggy Jacket|Striped Skirt|Leopard midi skirt