Masquerade Ball Wedding Inspiration

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday June 25, 2018

Mask | Castle | Invites| Tableware | Candles | Cake | Bouquet


What is it about a masquerade ball? Maybe I’ve seen too many old movies (or re-watched that Gossip Girl episode one too many times..) but there’s something SO sexy and mysterious about them. What girl hasn’t wanted to put on a fabulous gown, a chic mask and spend the night dancing away in some delicious daydream? We’re loving the idea of a masquerade themed wedding. Supply the masks for your guest (loving these by Masks HQ)  and vamp up the decor with melted candles, gothic chandeliers and bonus points if you can host the reception in an actual castle Top it off with details like wax sealed invitations, black calla lilies an moody tableware. Add in a dark colored cake with lace detail and you’re good to go. This will undoubtedly be a wedding your guests will talk about for years to come – unique, sexy and a once in a lifetime event.