Your Perfect Wedding Bouquet Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Kunbi O / Thursday February 27, 2020

Call me crazy but I love a little horoscope moment. It’s so fun to believe in a little magic, and simultaneously use our birth month as an excuse for all our bad behavior (where my Gemini’s at?) I’ve always loved astrology compatibility quizzes, and was very pleased when I found out my now-husband is a Leo because he matches pretty well with my star sign! Factoring your zodiac sign into your wedding sounds a little out there, but I think if you take it lightly and have fun with it, no harm done. So, here’s the best bouquet for you based on your zodiac sign – what do you think, did we get it right? 😉



A Good Affair//Little Hill Floral Design//Adrian Jon Photography

There are two sides to a vivacious Gemini, so it’s important that when it comes to their bouquet, they get the best of both worlds. Jewel-toned florals to show their deep and romantic side, mixed with pastel blooms to show their soft and delicate side is the perfect combo for the sign of the twins!


Weddings by Susan Dunne//Anya Kernes Photography

Notes of light, bright and airy fit the bill when it comes to a bouquet for the air sign, Aquarius. Not to mention Aquarians are the total individualist, so there’s no better way to honor that than with an abundant and bright arrangement!



Jessica Claire PhotographyButterfly FloralCandace Massachi

A much-grounded sign, a Taurus’ bouquet needs to have lots of natural elements in their bouquet to display their dedication and motivation to grow with their partner. We love the idea of a vine or full plant like this bougainvillea to make a statement!



A Good Affair//Brett Hickman Photography

Because Cancers are the sweetest and the most sensitive of the signs, it’s no question that their blooms are the most romantic! Think soft pinks – and potentially red, and roses galore!



We envision bouquets for a Scorpio being anything short of bold. When it comes to this sign, we say the bolder the better! Think deep blues, yellows and oranges and various textures. Scorpios are not afraid to stand out, and their bouquet should reflect that.



The sign of the scales, Libras are all about balance and equality. That said, their bouquet should have a fair share of colors, and look the same all the way around! Having the most vibrant of hues in Libra arrangements will truly show off their personality.


Kiamarie Stone Photography

“My mama is a Pisces and from my perspective some of the traits they exude are patience, grace, kindness and unwavering love. For that reason, I think delicate but bold picks should be a part of their bridal bouquet. From the delicacy of carnations to roses, pairing with the bold likings of dahlias and pastels you cannot go wrong.” – Kimberlee Brooke Photography


Of the Flowers , Linda Abbott Photography via Perfete.

Leos love to be in the spotlight, so can we be surprised if their bouquet makes an absolute statement? A Leo’s florals should resemble positivity, confidence and cheer much like a Leo bride.


Rebecca Eichten Art + DesignRyan Horban Photography via Perfete

Our hard-working and intelligent Capricorns need a bouquet that screams “this is the single-most important day of my life” but also, “I cannot wait to be married!” Not too much frill, but all the thrill, caps would fit best with a monochromatic arrangement with lots of greenery.


Generation Tux//Rebecca Cerasani Photography

As the first sign of the zodiac, an Aries bouquet will need to represent action and confidence. Nothing screams fiery and bold like bright red blooms!


Ledia Tashi PhotographyDana Dineen Florals

A Sagittarius bouquet will need to match the same amount of personality and light this joyous sign has! Bright and optimistic colors will bring the perfect energy to this perky sign.


Bloominous//Emma Quinn Photography

Down-to-earth is the only word that comes to mind when it comes to the earth sign, Virgo and we think their bouquet should mirror exactly that! With that in mind. Bring. On. All. The. Greenery.