Fall 2017 NYBFW Recap: Galia Lahav and Lakum

Feyi Bello / Friday October 14, 2016

galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-11Our recap of NYBFW continues with our visits to designers Galia Lahav and Lakum. These gowns were a sharp contrast from each other but equally as #aisleperfect. Whether you’re the stand-out glam bride or the modern minimalist, there’s a gown for you in both these collections. below are a few of our faves captured by NYC Photographer Chi Chi Agbim of TwoTwenty Photography.



From the Designer:

To believe in love is the motto LE SECRET ROYAL- PART II collection; Choose to see beyond your set boundaries, and find what you are looking for you! Le Secret Royal expresses deep love for couture through our extravagant silhouettes, floral design elements and glamorous shades of pink. Inspired by the royals, their essence and poise, Galia advanced her designs to something unfamiliar yet extraordinary.

The sophisticated floral arrangements along the body of the gowns are made to replicate the captivating sense of strolling through royal flower gardens. Through decorative design and rose color shades, petal details THAT are evident through Galia’s creations. As the dresses are bountiful in silk tulle embroideries and Chantilly lace, this is a collection for queens. With this collection Galia wants you to believe in love and find magic.

galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-9galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-5 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-13  galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-16 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-17 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-19 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-22 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-24 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-26


GALA by Galia Lahav No. III:

Strongly inspired by the Bohemian unconventional lifestyle and is dedicated to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. As Fellini knew his way in Blending fantasy, baroque images and earthiness, so is our whimsical “BOBO” collection; You’ll find a handful of fabrics, silhouettes, laces and senses of style that redefines the term “wedding outfits”. The “bohemians” such as us the DREAMERS, were known for pursuing a musical, artistic and literary livelihood… So, in this context, our collection is suit for adventurers and aspiring brides-to-be that seek a fashion ‘arcane enlightenment’. The Color palette is a mixture of Pink Blush, Silver linings and Ivory and Milky-white laces, alongside trendy unconventional cuts.

galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-15galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-23 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-27 galia-lahav-fall-2017-collection-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-29


From the Designer:

Inspired by Ai Weiwei’s Blossom project featuring thousands of porcelain flowers placed in unexpected, utilitarian locations, the Lakum Fall 2017 Collection expresses the transformative nature of beauty – loveliness exists in all places, even unforeseen ones.  Flowers and texture are the benchmark of this collection as seen in gowns made entirely of curved sequin, separates sprinkled with leather appliques, and dresses composed of Italian diamond mesh.

lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-1 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-3 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-4 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-5 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-6 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-7 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-8 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-9 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-10 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-11 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-12 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-13 lakum-fall-2017-nybfw-twotwenty-photography-14