Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Inspiration

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday June 23, 2016


Bridal portraits are such a great photo opportunity for lifetime memories and this styled session by our #PrettyPerfectPartners Memkoh and Erika Layne, complete with a beautiful story, is as perfect as it gets. Enjoy this story of doubt, self discovery and confidence, 3 obvious but seldom downplayed moments a would-be bride faces, as she approaches her big day.

A bride-to-be suddenly becomes unsure of her decision to marry the love of her life. They’ve been together for 8 years and you would think this is the moment she has been waiting for.  


But…In the days leading to her wedding, precisely 4 days before, she strays far away from home to find solace. She uses this time to contemplate on her decision to be one with another being, to share her space with this new person, to accommodate all he does, whether right or wrong, to make life-changing decisions and build a home with Saheed. It seems all too much for her, and daunting at that. But she is a resilient woman so once in a while, she rises from her doubt and basks in the sunset.

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She twirls and twirls until her heart beat picks up again. She chooses to be one with nature and journeys in her thoughts, pausing a few times to deeply reflect on her decision and the life before her and Saheed. At other times, she runs even further, attempting to set herself free from the unknown. 



This cannot be undoneMoments later, she emerges from her hiding place stronger than ever, fully aware of herself andconvinced of the great things she brings to their table. She regains confidence in her decision to marry her lover and makes her way back home.


CREDITS: Story: MemkohErika Layne// Model: Mitchell//Photographer: Erika Layne//Stylist: Memkoh