7 Wedding Gift Rules for Guests by Aisle Always Love

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday May 2, 2016


7 wedding gift rules for guests

From the engagement party, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and the wedding itself, there is a whole lot of gift giving involved when you’re invited to a wedding. Of course you want to give the happy couple a lovely, memorable gift, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to find the perfect choice. What’s the best price point? What’s appropriate? Luckily, the awesome team over at Aisle Always Love put together 7 Wedding Gift Rules for Guest to help us navigate our way to the perfect gifts:

1.) Practical Makes Perfect.

You can NEVER go wrong with a practical gift. Get them something that they will actually use. Are they wine enthusiasts that hate to cook? Well then, monogrammed wine glasses are perfect! …a crockpot…not so much. Just take a minute and really think about the couple and get them a gift that really fits their personalities and lifestyle. Practical makes Perfect!


2.) Bigger Isn’t Always Better.

The biggest gifts aren’t always the best gifts! Especially when it comes to destination weddings. Be mindful that the newlyweds have to fit everything into their suitcases after the wedding-so that lovely serving tray you want to get them…mail it to their house before or after the wedding. Believe me- they will not notice that you don’t have a gift on the gift table at the reception. They will be so busy they probably won’t even remember to eat! But they will remember paying extra for luggage weight at the airport because of the toaster oven you brought them. Try giving a gift card or just mailing a gift. It will be much appreciated.

 3.) The Food Rule.

The general rule of thumb is that your wedding gift to the Bride & Groom should be greater than or equal to the price of the dinner they serve at the reception. Of course you will never know how much they paid…but just guess how much that meal might cost at a restaurant. The happy couple dished out lots of dough (pun intended) to throw this awesome shindig, so don’t cheap out. Especially if you bring a date! That’s two meals! However, if you do get them something that doesn’t quite measure up to the amount of the meal- make sure it’s a Practical gift!

Wedding gift card

 4.) Gift Cards = Gold.

Many people think that gift cards are too impersonal for wedding gifts but in reality, Gift cards = Gold. You’re giving the Bride & Groom the opportunity to get what they actually want and you don’t have to worry with the stress of finding the “perfect gift”. It’s a win-win! Especially for destination weddings.

5.) Dare to Deviate.

Let’s face it- sometimes all the good gifts on the wedding registry are already taken and you want to get the Bride & Groom something reeeeally cool. If you dare to deviate from the wedding registry…make sure you have a good idea what they enjoy and talk to other close friends to make sure you aren’t buying a duplicate gift. It may even be a good idea to team up with some friends and buy a collective gift that may be out of your budget.

 6.) Don’t Go For Broke.

When deciding on a gift for the Bride & Groom- set a budget and stick with it! Wedding season can add up quick! Once you set a gift budget, here is a simple equation on how much to spend on gifts for the lovely couple:

  • 20% Engagement Party Gift
  • 20% Bridal Shower Gift
  • 60% Wedding Gift

Keep in mind this doesn’t even account for the amount you will spend on travel, bachelor or bachelorette party, a new outfit…etc. Don’t go broke! Make a plan and stick with it and everyone will be happy.


 7.) Better Late Than Never.

Is it okay to send a gift to the newlyweds after the wedding? Absolutely! Maybe it’s not in your budget right now. Or maybe it’s a destination wedding and you didn’t want to travel with it. Whatever the case, they will probably understand. As a matter of fact, receiving gifts via mail after the wedding is a treat! It keeps the celebration going! Don’t wait too long though…anything after 6 months and the couple may think you forgot about them.

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