Coffee & Doughnuts Surprise Party

Feyi Bello / Monday March 21, 2016

What a better way to start the week than with some coffee and doughnuts? This 30th birthday party captured by Jill Lynn Photography is thoughtful, classic and keeps the coffee flowing.Carolyn surprised her husband, Justin with coffee and doughnuts themed 30th birthday party. On the afternoon of the party, Justin’s close friend from out of state, Derek, stopped by for a surprise visit with his new fiance Sarah. The two couples headed out to lunch in Philadelphia, while the rest of Justin’s family and friends gathered at his parents house for the surprise. When dinner time rolled around, Carolyn suggested they stop by “Mom & Dad’s” to introduce Derek’s fiance to everyone. When they arrived, about 50 friends and family members greeted Justin and completely surprised him.

Carolyn had been secretly making the decorations for Justin’s Party for the weeks leading up to the event. The house was set up to mimic a cafe with little seating areas all throughout. The theme of coffee carried throughout, by utilizing coffee bean sacks for table decor, and hanging them on the wall. Also, by filling up jars with coffee beans and putting tea lights inside to use as decor on the cafe tables.
Warning, this post is full of yummy treats, so grab your cup of joe and your favorite doughnut and dive right into these awesome party details!


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Photography –Jill Lynn Photography
Catering- Sweet Lucy’s
Doughnuts – Federal Doughnuts  & Giant Grocery Store 
Coffee- La Colombe & Starbucks
Coffee Bags- AC Moore
Decor, Favors and Party Concept – Carolyn Grow