10 Ideas For An Epic Bachelorette Party

Kunbi O / Tuesday October 6, 2015
Image by Ducky Jessica

The Bachelorette Party, a night to remember, with the women who have helped you to get to where you are today. As the bride, of course you want this night to be special. You want it to be the perfect blend of risqué and adorable, adjectives that will probably only ever be paired together for this occasion and no other. But let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10, bachelorette parties can get a little… lame? And you, my dear, will never be that. You just want to make sure your party doesn’t fall under the radar either. So today, we’re bringing you 10 ideas for an unforgettably epic Bachelorette party.

bachelorette party ballon wishes - epic bachelorette ideas via aisle perfect

1. Wedding Wish Balloons
This might just be the most precious and creative wedding party decor we’ve seen yet. The idea is to have the bridesmaids’ write wishes to the bride on balloons during the Bachelorette party that will later be blown up and seen by everyone for her big day. Directions on how to do this can be found on Studio DIY.

2. Charades- Ex Edition
There’s a reason why these women were picked to help you commemorate your last night as a single single lady… because they knew the whole process of how you got from point A to point B. So this charades game is going to kick things up a notch. The bridesmaids will split up into two teams. Each bridesmaid will pick an ex-boyfriend/ex-fling/hookup/etc. to reenact. If you are engaged to your one and only, then play this game by reenacting celebrities you wish you could say, “I do” to. (See more bridal shower games).

“Let’s take a shot” print

3. Drinks unwrapped
Each bridesmaid will have ribbons wrapped around their wrists, which were tied by the bride. Whenever the bride wants a drink, she will untie someone’s ribbon and they will have to buy the drink of her choice! If the bride is a bit modest about these things, bridesmaids are more than welcome to untie their own ribbons if they see fit!

Bachelorette Party Guestbook

4. Bachelorette Party Guestbook – sealed with a kiss!
We love this gorgeous and totally unique approach to a guestbook. Have each of your maids put on their signature lipstick, pucker up and “sign” your bachelorette guestbook.
This is such a memorable and fun activity and makes a perfect keepsake for your night out with the girls.

Plum Pretty Sugar Robes

5. Give the bridesmaids something they will actually want to wear (and keep).
Monogrammed robes are sooo last year. Make your bridesmaids feel fabulous and treat them to these gorgeous robes from Plum Pretty Sugar ($130, for a set of two) to end your crazy soiree in style.

bachelorette party napkins
“Cheers to the Future Mrs” napkins

6. Your own personalized cocktail.
Just imagine it, a cocktail that has your name written all over it. I’m thinking something pink and sparkling. Maybe it’s made with champagne and fruit, or maybe you’re more of a whiskey girl. Either way, it would be a cocktail that screams, “I’m single for one more night!”

bachelorette shot glass
Chalkboard Heart Shot Glass Bachelorette Party Favor

7. Husband-To-Be Trivia
A week before the bachelorette party, the bridesmaids should ask the groom one question. Be strategic about these questions because when the bachelorette party gets started, the bridesmaids will be quizzing the bride with the questions they asked the groom ahead of time. If the bride gets the answer wrong, she takes a shot. But if she’s right, that means everyone else takes a shot. So, choose your questions wisely! Also, here are some bachelorette themed shot glasses you can buy for the big night: Chalkboard Heart Shot Glass Bachelorette Party Favor ($4.98).

bachelorette party tank tops - aisle perfect

8. Matching tank tops
OK, hear me out! I know at first this sounds a bit corny and overdone. But when done right, this can be very chic. I mentioned earlier how monograming is so out, but customized tank tops? Trust me on this one, these could be a real keeper. Here are some customized tank tops we think would work very well: Bachelorette Party Shirts (completely customizable!) ($18.99)

bachelorette tattoos - epic bachelorette ideas

9. Whip Out The Flash Tattoos
Flash tattoos were HUGE this year! On one hand, they brought back the nostalgic temporary tattoos we were all obsessed with growing up. One another hand, they have become a subtle yet edgy statement accessory. So why not brand your bridesmaids and let the world know they’re yours with some adorable flash tattoos?! We love these Gold Metallic Flash Bachelorette Tattoos, Team Bride ($2.75)

bachelorette hangover kit_ aisle perfect

10. Last but not least, something to help everyone recover.
We’ve come across these adorable Bachelorette Hangover Kit Bags ($1.40+), and they are just what everyone will need when the night is over and the morning calls. These kits speak for themselves and we love the theme of regretting nothing.


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