10 Pretty Perfect Wedding Mugs to Floss With

Kunbi O / Monday March 2, 2015

10 Cool Wedding mugs to floss with

Yes, I am well aware people don’t use the slang “floss” anymore. I’m a decade behind, forgive me. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen a whole lot of wedding mugs on your instagram timeline lately. You know those ones with cute phrases highlighting the ring or “flossing” the new engagement. I’m ALL for enjoying every second of your engagement and wedding planning process so the more bridal / wedding memorabilia, the better. Here are a few of our favorite wedding mugs to floss with.

via Pretty Collected -buy here
via Pretty Collected –buy here
Mrs right mug
via Tickled Teal Boutique – buy here
So in Love Bridal Mug
via Crystal Peace Studio-Buy Here
via TotesMcGoats - buy here
via TotesMcGoats – buy here
Does this ring make me look engaged mug
Personalized Mug by Apothecary Bee (buy here)
Bridal Party Mug by Twenty8Designs
via Twenty 8 Designs – buy here
Mug (on our #APbride Phyllis) via Simply Made Greetings- buy here
via Tickled Teal Boutique - but here
via Tickled Teal Boutique – buy here
Wifey Mug via SushiandQueso - buy here
Wifey Mug via SushiandQueso – buy here
Custom pottery mug
via SymmetricalPottery- buy here
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