Protect Your Dream Day With Markel Wedding Insurance

Kunbi O / Monday September 15, 2014

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It’s crazy how much effort goes into planning a wedding. From the second you get engaged, there’s a truck load of stuff you have to make decisions and deposits on. The truth is, whatever way you look at it, weddings are expensive. One minute it’s the quote on flowers, the next it’s food and drink. Honestly, wedding planning should be considered a contributing stressor for certain heart conditions. It is HARD work.

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Now imagine that after all your sweat and tears, something catastrophic happens either before or on your wedding day…. what’s that saying about the best laid plans? No really! You can plan the wedding of your dreams complete with ballerinas, hanging chandeliers and maybe even a surprise performance by Beyonce and then comes Hurricane Sandy or a record-breaking Noreaster. Sh*t happens!

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So that is where Markel Wedding and Event Insurance comes in. Markel protects you from just about everything that can go wrong before and on your wedding day. From a bankrupt venue to a vanished wedding photographer or even a damaged wedding dress. Even when a guest slips on your dance floor, or when [God forbid] a key family member is ill and you have to move the wedding. Markel offers Wedding Cancellation and Postponement Insurance as well as Wedding Liability Insurance, which more and more venues are beginning to require.

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Depending on the type of package you choose, Markel’s coverage could include:

Photographer’s Loss of Pictures
Venue Bankruptcy
Extreme Weather
Cancellation due to Illness of couple or family member
Wedding gift thefts
Vendor Non-Performance
Wedding Planner Fraud
Property Damage Liability
Guest Injury Liability
Unexpected unemployment and much more!


You can’t predict the future and your wedding day is just too important for you to leave it to chance. For as little as $75 dollars, you can have these things covered and breathe easy on the day of your dreams.

So if you don’t want to be stuck with an empty pocket and broken dreams, give Markel a call at 1-855-480-9757 for a free wedding insurance quote today. They can tailor one to your preferences.


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