Honeymoon Watch: Choosing your Destination Wedding Location

Kunbi O / Tuesday September 23, 2014

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Happy Travel Tuesday! The first two things that come to mind when I think “destination wedding” are the Caribbean and Mexico. I mean what beats fun in the sun and drop-dead gorgeous beaches? plus They’re literally a hop, jump and a skip away from the USA so no long flights. I think for me (and I’m sure for a few of you out there), the greatest challenge is narrowing down which of these lovely pieces of heaven to say I do in. I found great advice in APbride Audrey’s post about planning her destination wedding where she emphasized the need to focus on your vision and what would make you and your fiance most happy at the end of the day. People get buggled down on irrelevant things and at the end of the day you want a day that both of you can look back on with so much happiness and content.

Honeymoon Caribbean

There’s so much to consider when planning a wedding many miles away from your home. Besides the standard considerations like cost, travel , etc, you want to make sure the destination you decide on is as amazing as it claims to be. You have to sit with your fiance and discuss what it is you’re looking for in your dream day. Do you want a tropical experience with excursions or a laid back beach experience with non-stop lounging? Is your head hurting yet? There’s a solution. Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts offers up to 7 different luxury resorts around the Caribbean and Mexico for your choosing. Whether it’s a picturesque quiet beach with acres of white sands and breathtaking blue skies, or an authentic laid-back destination with an abundance of culture and super friendly locals. Whatever you decide, – You’re bound to create everlasting memories with one of these awesome resorts. Struggling to decide? Make your life even easier by taking this Matrimony Quiz in the fun infographic below.

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Destination

1. Research: Start with the Caribbean and Latin America Marriott JW Resorts of course and narrow down which one of their awesome resorts you would like to start your marital journey at. Also consider the WEATHER. Make sure you do your research on what times of the year are best for the different locations and then peg down the venue as soon as you can. These places are literally paradises on earth so first come first serve okay?

2. Create a vision board – This would help you greatly with achieving #1 . Whether it’s on Pinterest, in a honeymoon folder on your phone or even a scrapbook. Pinterest is obviously the easiest option for most of us since you can explore more and save with a click of a mouse. I also follow a bunch of travel related instagram accounts so consider that too.

3. Have a Solid Idea on your Guest Count: This is even more important when planning a destination wedding. You want to have an Idea of the number as early as possible which brings me to my next tip…

4. Send out Your Save the Dates early. With a wedding involving travel and passport requirements, you want to give your guests sufficient time to make their arrangements.

5. Remember What Matters Most: This is the most important thing to keep in mind when making your decision. The two of your are the reason for it all and you should remember your happiness comes first. Of course you shouldn’t ignore other factors like price and the ease of travel for family and friends but try and keep in mind that this is YOUR day and your happiness counts.

Caribbean Honeymoon

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