10 Modern Wedding Favours That Will Make Your Big Day

Kunbi O / Friday September 26, 2014


TGIF! We are thrilled to have one of our Pretty Perfect Vendors guest blog for us today. The Artisan’s Gift Company is a Lagos, Nigeria based company offering carefully curated favors and gifts for all the special occasions in your life. You can check out their Pretty Perfect Vendor page here. Folayemi (the talent behind the brand) shares with us a few modern wedding favor ideas your guests would actually appreciate. Enjoy!

sunglass wedding favors
Personalized Sunglasses via The Artisan’s Gifts Co.

I have heard many brides lament about the difficult task of selecting wedding favors for their big day. Many end up leaving the choice till the last minute, and then find themselves scrambling to find goodquality items. For some brides, the amount of left behind favors they have noticed at weddings past make them want to forgo the gesture all together.

I’ve found that the best wedding favors are functional, creative, and personalized. Caveat: Personalization doesn’t necessarily mean screen printing the couple’s wedding details across the gift. While that is one method of personalization, another take on it could be to pick items that are symbolic to the couple, or representative of their wedding theme, lifestyles or personalities. With that in mind, here are ten suggestions for wedding favours that are guaranteed crowd pleasers and worth the trouble.

1. Calendar keychain


How about a save-the-date that doubles as a wedding favor? These are a wonderful way to remind your guests about the date of your upcoming wedding, and allow them to fondly anticipate it and also remember your wedding after the day.

2. Sunglasses


For a young couple, customized wayfarers are a sure way to get your guests excited at your wedding reception. And as much as I don’t condone wearing sunglasses indoors, I’ll make an exception for these.

3. Personalized wine boxes

Wine Boxes

Eat, DRINK and be married. This is a luxe wedding favor for the wine lovers. I recommend that each guest is also gifted with a bottle of the couple’s favorite wine.

4. Candy

Candy Favours

Simple, sweet, and visually appealing.

5. Tea


Yes, tea. This is one way for a cultured bride to have her personality reflected in her wedding favors. I love this personalized tea tin and infuser combo.

6. Monogram shoe bag

Shoe Bag

Monogram dance floors, monogram photo booth back drops, monogram aisle runners and now monogram shoe bags. This is easily the most functional item on this list.

7. Personalized scented candles


Selecting scents for candle favors can be a fun activity for the bride and her bridesmaids. From mini candle tins to votives or full size jar candles, the possibilities are endless.

8. Personalized throw pillow covers

Throw Pillow Cover

A romantic addition to your guests’ home. However, please don’t make the throw pillow covers in your exuberant wedding colours, opt for neutral colours instead; this way your guests are more likely to be able to fit it into their existing home décor.

9. Music CD

Music Cd

For this one, I’m going with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”mentality since this is an old faithful. The couple can share a CD compilation of their favourite love songs with their wedding guests.

10. A cool kitchen & dining item like this cool hash tag bottle opener.

Hashtag Bottle Opener

I love this one because it reminds your guests to share their pictures from your wedding on social media (e.g. instagram), using your wedding hash tag.