Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

Kunbi O / Thursday July 17, 2014

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Maybe it’s your 100th wedding to go to in this season of life, or you’re simply tired of giving the same ol’e/same ol’e. Obviously you want your wedding gift to be unique and useful, but where is the line of getting something great and getting something weird? Wedding gift shopping & searching is quite the art, and we are here to help! Choose any of our unique wedding gifts for couples and it will LOOK like you spent lots of time deciphering the best gift. Just between us… all you have to do is read the rest of this blog!

Option 1: Living Room Throw

Chances are the couple you’re searching high and low for a gift for put a couple of living room essentials on their registry. And if not, every once in a while it’s a necessity to add a little bit of freshness to your living room space. Enter: the most fabulous living room throw of all time…

Personalized Throw

Not only will they cuddle up with this beaut time and time again, but they’ll constantly be reminded of how unique their piece is. Be assured they’ll get lots of, “where did you get that throw?”

Option 2: Cook’s Books

It’s important whether you’re a giant cook or the worst microwave-r in the world that you maintain some great pieces in your kitchen!

Blue Cooks Book Set

We adore how classy and BRIGHT these books look in collection. The recipes inside can be utilized over and over, or never tried at all.


Option 3: Wine Box

Personalized Wine Gift Set

This stellar piece will be quite the conversation starter for the couple. They can keep their most prized wine from their Napa Valley honeymoon treasured and on display with this striking storage. Make sure to gift a great bottle of vino when you attend the wedding!


Option 4: Anniversary Wine Box

Looks like we’re cheating here… but we aren’t – promise!

Wine Gift Box

THIS wine box gives the couple many reasons to celebrate over the years! Pick a few of your favorite wines to include in the three sections. They’ll adore the simplicity and thought put into not only what wines you’ve decided on, but also the intentionality of sitting down with a glass of wine to enjoy each other’s company.

Option 5: Wind Chime

Likely this is the couple’s first home they’re decorating together. It can take years to acquire certain pieces that really give charm to the inside and outside of a house. Help your fav couple out by gifting them with a wind chime for their front OR back porch.


Don’t go thinking we mean to clutter up their space with lawn ornaments – a simple, great-sounding wind chime will give them a flair they never even knew they needed.

Option 6: Sketch Portrait

Get ready for the “ooo” and “ahh” as they open this stunning gift. You might need to utilize the “within a year” time limit for wedding gifts on this one, but it will be well worth it! The couple will adore the detailed design and personalization…

Custom drawing

We’ll even go on record in saying perhaps they’ll love this more than their wedding photos themselves!



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