Meaningful And Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday June 4, 2019
father and son in white shirt blue jeans for father's day
Image by Kristen Curette via Shay Moné

Father’s Day is coming soon, babes. If you are just now realizing that you forgot something for your man, listen up. We have worked crazy long hours. Spent copious amounts of time on Netflix. All to find the most meaningful and unique gift ideas for Father’s Day. It is our gift to you. Because, we know how much he loves. We all know how much you love. So, for everyone’s sake, our hope from all of this panic last minute gift inspiration is that you walk away with at least one of the most unique and coolest Father’s Day gift ideas. We all deserve it. If that is just too much, throw caution to the wind and try to get your children to decorate some sort of sentimental homemade card to give him. For a DIY version, add a late night in front of The Office, one of those gigantic bottles of wine, a sharpie, a piece of construction paper, and you. It’ll be amazing. I mean, who would guess, right? For something more authentic, be sure to spill some soup on it and rip it a few times. No one will know

The dad shirt.

Up first is the dad t-shirt. Totally ridiculous. Still kind of funny. Definitely not something you want him to wear. But, he will get a kick out of it, and that is all that matters. Pair it with a ticket or two to a comedy club and voilà. A perfête Father’s Day is served.