Traditional Edo Wedding

Kunbi O / Monday March 10, 2014
I have a newly refreshed craving for cultural weddings. There’s just something about a bride adorned in her cultural attire that makes everything feel so regal. Today we are thrilled to share Notie and Femi’s traditional Edo ceremony courtesy of Chicago-based photographer Olujr. This is one of those cases where the images will do all the talking. I’m in love!

One of the main themes in a traditional Edo wedding has to be the infusion of coral beads. The bride is adorned with Ivie (coral beads) and crowned with a beaded headpiece (Okuku). It has to be one of the most regal things ever.
The first step in the traditional ceremony is the bride price discussion which is a dramatic ceremonial process. Once the “negotiations” are done and everyone is satisfied with the agreed upon price, the introductions begin.
My favorite part of the ceremony is when “fake brides” are bought out by the older women of the family and the groom is asked over and over to identify his bride. Its a fun process during which the groom is extorted for even more money for various “activities”. Finally the bride is brought out (to the groom’s excitement) and the groom (hopefully) identifies his mate. The bride is then presented to her new family, who then hand over their new wife to her husband.
Vendors: Photographer: Olujr Photography | Makeup: Saydat Makeover | Second Shooter: Lumi Morgan