Evening Dresses | Krikor Jabotian Akhtamar Collection

Kunbi O / Monday March 10, 2014
Krikor Jabotian always makes my day. Fists full of tulle, jaw-dropping embroidery and killer silhouettes. The perfect ingredients for a whole lot of pretty. Titled Akhtamar (which means “Oh, Tamar”), the Spring/Summer 2014 collection brings a new meaning to  sophisticated sexy. There’s so much to swoon at ladies. Here’s a bit more [from the designer]:

A light shining from afar illuminated the dark waters of Lake Van. Every night he swam towards the light that shined devotedly for him. Her faint silhouette appeared. There she was Princess Tamar awaiting him. Never forsaking their love the princess directed him every night. The waters which he crossed where eerie and cold and the night that her father discovered their love was the night that their shining light was destroyed. The black oblivion engulfed him and in complete emptiness he called her name, his body washed ashore and the words “Akh, Tamar” (Oh, Tamar) frozen on his lips.

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