The Claire Pettibone Vagabond Dress Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday March 15, 2018

“Wanderlust has taken hold, and whether we travel from place to place on holiday, as life demands, or in the virtual world, the idea of exploring will always hold a certain romance.”

Two dress collections in one week? It must be Christmas in March 😉 For her latest couture collection, designer Claire Pettibone has blended cultures and traditions to create something new and profoundly beautiful, based on love and a sense of adventure. Fabrics are layered and combined in unexpected ways for a truly unique gown for the bride. This collection embodies the designer’s vision of vintage romance with an enchanted bohemian spirit.

The garden, vineyard, rustic and vintage inspired weddings that have become so ubiquitous showcase many of the designer’s creations. Claire’s gentle use of color, couture details, European laces and graceful embroideries flutter and flow to make a woman look and feel like a goddess. Shot on location in a bohemian paradise, these images transport us on a magical journey.