Adorable Surprise Bridal Shower

Kunbi O / Wednesday August 7, 2013
Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today we have a pretty bridal shower from New Jersey. Bride Christine was surprised by her sister and mother with a really adorable shower with lots of fun ideas and details. Enjoy!

From the Bride’s Sister:

Choosing the design for my sister’s shower was simple for me- emulate the bride. When I think of her I think feminine and timeless. I pulled femininity with all the shades of pink and incorporating wired dress forms and purses filled with assorted pink flowers and wrapped in light pink ribbon. In the timeless aspect I added in the trunks, they have been used for decades to indicate social stature and royalty. There was a lot of DIY, everything was handmade, from the invitation to the advice tree, which I actually used real branches cut from my back yard and arranged into a glass vase recycled from her engagement party. The favor I made was a favorite craft I had done and she loved, Mason jar soap pumps. I included small details in the table numbers and place cards by headlining them with a custom “Christine’s Bridal Shower” label I designed just for her shower and was altered on the invitation as well. Making everything yourself is hard work but the outcome is priceless.

All images courtesy of Jaye Kogut Photography