Saturday Style: Anais Anette Spring 2014 Collection

Kunbi O / Saturday August 17, 2013

Okay it’s drool-hour here at Aisle Perfect. Today, we have the latest collection of dresses by bridal designer Anais Anette. I’m trying to find the right adjective to use here- let’s go with utterly gorgeous. Yes, these dresses are utterly gorgeous and uber feminine- the perfect combination. Enjoy

About the collection:

Influenced by the enchantment of Parisian culture, each Anais Anette garment is designed for the effortlessly chic and admirably confident woman who dares to indulge in a Piece de resistance. Every gown is draped, beaded and crafted in the sister’s Toronto studio, which is adorned with inspiration for the debut collection of Anais Anette. “It is said that history repeats itself, for us, our desire to create and share beauty manifested itself in a way we did not imagine or plan.” Infusing the flare of Parisian romance with meticulous design and the finest materials created a collection that is timeless in beauty, elegance and quality.

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