Throwback: #KO2012 Music.

Kunbi O / Thursday May 16, 2013

I’ll say this- Music is such an essential part of a wedding. It sets the tone for whatever vibe the couple is aiming for. From the processional, to the first dance, to the very last song.
I am a bit of an oddball when it comes to music. Having attended college in Kansas, I love country music but please don’t let that fool you- I am also as ratchet as they come music-wise. We wanted our music selection for the wedding to reflect everything about us and I must say, it did…

I am a self-defined Traditional-Romantic so all Church music was church music. However, when it came to the reception- woosh things got out of control. Let me explain:


Bridal Party Entry Song–  Yeah,  I struggled with this one. At first, I wanted our boys and girls to dance into something umm… different. A couple of months before the wedding, I heard my sister (and then roommate) playing a Glee rendition of Bruno Mars’ Marry You and fell absolutely in Love. A couple of clicks of the mouse and I discovered a gold mine of awesome Marry You entries on Youtube. The video below is one of my favorites.

Awesome right? Well, our bridal party was NOT having it and I was definitely ready to make them do it (Bridezilla). However, the day before the wedding I realized things weren’t going to come out as fluid as I intended sooooooo I decided to surprise them with my Plan B – leaving no room for complaints lol. One of my favorite Nigerian “jams” is Obi Mu o by Obiwon and I can’t tell you how perfect it worked as an entry song. In fact, I’ll show you-

Woop so that was a success! Next up was OUR entry song. Olamide and I had NO idea what tone we wanted to enter to and in fact completely forgot about selecting a song until our DJ sent his music request. One random day before the wedding, the song U go Kill me by Ghanaian superstar Sarkodie came on and we were set. This song has now become one of our favorites gosh!


For our actual first dance, we went with an oldie but goodie Monica’s “For You, I Will” I’m sure I don’t have to say much about this. It was the perfect song for us and of course the tears flowed.

We both had “Mother-Child”dances. Olamide danced to “All my life ” by Kci and Jojo which was a very emotional song for them both. He has a beautiful relationship with his mother (our Mother now haha.. I swear she loves me more) and it was beautiful watching them. I on the other hand went a bit unorthodox with my mother-daughter dance. I chose *drumroll please* Afro Juju by Sir Shina Peters- For those unfamiliar, Shina Peters is an old Nigerian Fuji-Pop singer ( He invented his own genre called Afro Juju which I could go on and on about). I have an emotional attachment to the song which I won’t go into but my mother introduced me to his style of music and it just was the perfect fit for us since I didnt want to bawl through the whole dance ( A strategy that failed since I still wept through it haha). In summary, both dances were so emotional- we loved it!

Anyhoo back to it, we were a bit obsessive about our wedding playlist actually and sent the DJ a very extensive pool to choose from. I know some people might ask why worry about a DJ when you’re basically restricting their choices. i’ll tell you this- Disc Jockey-ing is an art and having the right songs is a very small part of it. It is one thing to have the playlist, it’s another to make it flow. Anyway, since majority of the guests at the wedding were our friends (as opposed to our parent’s friends) we wanted it to be a real party with music and umm liquor flowing non-stop haha. Our songs definitely helped keep the party going and our guests more  than appreciated it. See for yourself…

You can check out the rest of the videos ( recorded by my ace Segi on an iPhone HERE) .
So like I said, Music is such an essential part of your big day. I also have to especially shout out our MCs Ugonna Madueke and Koye Kekere-Ekun. I think I’m going to do a whole post on MC selection- They were AWESOME. Watching these videos took me back  … I am currently working on our wedding post so it should be up eventually i promise.  For now, check out the #KO2012 tag at the top of the site for all things K & O.

Gosh I miss our Wedding!