Aisle Perfect: Aditi + Jon

Kunbi O / Wednesday May 29, 2013
A tale of two cultures. This wedding is exactly what I have been feening for the last couple of months. There is something so beautiful about a fusion of cultures. Aditi and Jon’s Hindu and Christian ceremonies took place one gorgeous day in Reston, Virginia. Gorgeous really was the word of day as Aditi looked beyond that in her embroidered sari and white sheath dress. Not to be outdone, Jon showed out in his red Sherwani and paijama outfit complete with a turban (you can read more about their traditional Hindu ceremony here).There’s so much too be said about this gorgeous wedding but I’ll keep it short and let the Bride do the sharing.
From the Bride:

Our goal for the day was to transition seamlessly through both ceremonies while maintaining the cultural significance of each. This led to our bold color choices. Hindu ceremonies are filled with color, and we injected this into the Christian ceremony by using bold red roses against the backdrop of gray bridesmaid dresses and amber lighting. It was almost like Bollywood meets the Great Gatsby.

We had so much help from our families in preparing for the day. Jon’s mother scoured websites for the perfect candy jars and personalized candy for the candy bar, which was a huge hit among guests. She even included tiny bags of jordan almonds for guests to enjoy with a personalized poem attached.

All together, our special day was just that- special. It was the perfect fusion of both our cultures and traditions. Our favorite memories have to be dancing the night away with all our friends and family, and the breakfast for guests the next morning where we got to recap all the fun memories before we left for our honeymoon.

Christian Ceremony…

Advice from the Bride:

As hard as it is to not do, don’t sweat the small stuff. There were so many things that didn’t go as planned or unexpected curve balls the day of, but I only found out after the fact. On the day of, I barely had time to notice and everything ended up working out. The most important thing to focus on is why you are there and that everyone in attendance are those people that love you the most and just want this day to be very special for you both.

All images courtesy of Kate Haus Photography