Washington DC Family Shoot by Kanayo Adibe Photography

Feyi Bello / Tuesday July 7, 2015

Kanayo Adibe-55

Today we are sharing this breathtaking family shoot by our very own pretty perfect vendor, Kanayo Adibe Photography. We’ll let Kanayo do the talking and tell us about his session in DC with the Moore family.

From the Photographer: What’s that old saying…. “Family is everything.” Now this family…is everything! Meet the Moores: Dannie, Renee, and their amazing daughters, Sarai and Kayln. Dannie and Renee are wedding photographers from Kentucky. They planned a family trip to Washington DC where they decided they would like to get a few family photos taken. Dannie is a man’s man, cool, calm, easy going. Renee is caring, bubbly and extremely detail oriented (figured I’d throw that in there)! Sarai is chill…soft spoken, polite; I see a lot of daddy in her. And Kayln? Oh Kayln, she is the sun! Here are some of the photos we were able to create during our wonderful time together.

Kanayo Adibe-9 Kanayo Adibe-16 Kanayo Adibe-4Kanayo Adibe-17 Kanayo Adibe-18 Kanayo Adibe-20 Kanayo Adibe-23 Kanayo Adibe-24 Kanayo Adibe-26 Kanayo Adibe-31 Kanayo Adibe-53  Kanayo Adibe-59 Kanayo Adibe-60 Kanayo Adibe-64 Kanayo Adibe-65 Kanayo Adibe-66 Kanayo Adibe-68 Kanayo Adibe-70 Kanayo-Adibe-4786