Tuturific Party by Olatoun Okunnu

Feyi Bello / Monday February 1, 2016


A pink Tutu is all a girl needs to feel special and celebrate her birthday! Little Tara’s 1st Birthday looks like so much fun from the cute ballerina cookies to the bouncy house and even the arts and crafts station! This adorable Tuturific Party was submitted by Olatoun Okunnu Photography and is just the inspiration we need to help us get through this Monday!

This fun day was brought to life by Fara and Zara Parties, Mrs K’s Gourmet Company, ABC Inflatables, Rum n Passion, Hans and Rene, and Grind Grill Cafe all of Lagos Nigeria. Check out this cuteness and don’t forget to submit your adorable party pics to us at yay@prettyperfectliving.com for a chance to get featured on the blog!

Happy Monday, pretties & happiest of birthdays to the tutu wearing princesses out there! Enjoy!

Xoxo- Aly

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Decorated and planned by Fara and Zara Parties
Bouncy Castle ABC Inflatables
Cocktail Bar and Ballerina Sweet Table Rum n Passion
Kiddie Food Grind Grill Cafe
Bubble Tea by Mrs K’s Gourmet Company