Top Fitness Apps to Get in Shape for Summer

Feyi Bello / Wednesday April 20, 2016

HEADERThey say that summer bodies are built in the winter, and with spring officially here it’s definitely time to amp up your workout schedule to get that bikini-ready body you’ve been longing for! To help you on your journey and keep you motivated, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fitness apps. With workout planners, calorie counters and more you can’t go wrong with these helpful and easy to use apps! Check them out below and keep working toward your goals! Happy training!

Xoxo, Kacie


Run Keeper

Run Keeper is a super easy to use, workout mapping app. You can use it to track your run, walk or hike, and even set up a customized schedule for yourself to achieve your fitness goals! With other features like a goal coach, audio cues, and Spotify connect, this is great app for your workouts!


 Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a great way to get you back on track to your fitness goals. Always find an excuse to skip out on the gym? Say bye bye to those excuses because Daily Burn literally turns your home into a gym with a huge selection of workouts from real life trainers! For a small monthly fee you get access to a huge variety of gym-quality workouts such as dance cardio, weight training and even yoga!

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

It’s really easy to feel like your schedule is just too busy and you don’t have time to fit in a workout. With the 7 Minute Workout app, there are no excuses. You can fit in a quick workout anytime you have a little break in your day or combine workouts to get a full body session in!


Nike+ Training Club

Nike’s official app is full of different workouts complete with how-to videos so you can be sure you’re doing every move correctly and getting the most out of your workout. They also allow you to earn points with each workout to unlock more “premium” workouts. Whatever you choose, these are guaranteed to make you sweat!


Lose It!

Lose It! is a great way to tie your workouts into the other part of your fitness journey– your eating! The app allows you to keep track of your daily caloric intake and even factors in your calories burned during workouts since it easily syncs with multiple apps including Nike+, RunKeeper and many others! This is a great tool to help keep you on track with your workouts, eating habits, and summer goals.


My Fitness Pal

Perhaps one of the most common calorie-counting apps, My Fitness Pal had to make our list! This is another great app to track the food you eat throughout the day and stay on track to lose weight. It also has a great community of other people looking to live a healthier lifestyle to support you on your own journey!