Teni Bella’s 1st Birthday Shoot

Feyi Bello / Thursday March 26, 2015


My daughter Teni is truly the representation of Joy, right from when she was born she has always been a smiley, happy baby, we (Mommy and Daddy) couldn’t be more pleased with our gift from God. After a few months of just watching her grow and her personality develop ( she’s always smiling, happy and dancing, she literally is like Sunshine, brightening up our days), it wasn’t hard for me to pick a theme for her 1st birthday

tenib82Knowing Teni, we knew her birthday theme had to be something bright and full of joy so the idea of “Little Miss Sunshine” made perfect sense for our little ball of sunshine.  We picked out fresh sunflowers to be included into the shoot as well since theres no miss sunshine without her sunflowers.


Teni Bella 1st Birthday Shoot


I had two looks for the shoot, the first was a reflection of her party theme  “Little Miss Sunshine”. For this I pictured her in a nice yellow outfit but it turns out I had the perfect shirt and short set already in her closet. I paired the outfit with fresh sunflowers and a sunflower hair clip and presto! the look was complete!


For her second look, I ordered a customized onesie with a pink tutu, that was too cute for words as I’m sure you’ll see from the pictures.

Adorable baby Teni Bella _ Bolakrafts


I wanted her shoot to be fresh and clean and for the spotligh to be on Teni from beginning to end which was achieved thanks to our genius photographer- Fola Lawal. I am so blessed to have such a jovial child who clearly loves the camera haha. Her personality consistently shines through the images and I can’t wait to print them all 😀


Two DIY projects I’m really proud of are the Vintage wooden high chair I searched high and low for and finally found (long story), I spray painted it white and it went so well with my vision, I also made her Stats Board, I think it all came out nice.

tenib113 tenib110 tenib109


I was going to bake her smash cake but ended up running out of time so I just picked up one from the grocery store, She was so lady like, that her dad had to actually put her hand in the cake, she wasn’t having any of it but at the end she enjoyed herself




All images courtesy of Fola Lawal Photography