#PrettyPerfectFit: Travel…PPF Style!

Feyi Bello / Wednesday August 5, 2015


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Happy Wellness Wednesday, folks!

The aftermath of a great travel experience/vacation (speaking for myself and a few dozen friends now) is usually one of the following: withdrawal and/or an overall feeling of feeling “bleuggghhh.” Did I just create a word? Maybe.

Bleugh (adj.): The state of feeling grossed out/disgusted by the pigging out and damage you did on that two week vacation.

You see, you started off pretty well… grabbed an extra scone for breakfast (after all, you’re on vacation, why not live a little right?), and before you knew it, it was cookie dough ice cream in between snacking on beignets and having pasta carbonara as a “light lunch.” Fast forward to the end of the vacation and you’re staring down at your stomach thinking, “How did things spiral out of control, and how quickly can I get on the next cayenne pepper and maple syrup diet train to undo all this damage? Someone sign me up…twice!” Yup. Welcome ladies and gentlemen…to my life. I know the feeling all too well so the good news is, I’m here to help you avoid it.

Excuse me while I hop on my self-righteous horse and give you a few helpful tips to avoid/swerve (partially or completely) that feeling of partial regret (even though you know you still smile at the memory of ALL the small chops you had at your bestie’s wedding) after a truly exciting, rewarding, well-earned, holiday.

Pack your gym clothes: Yes, you read it right. Don’t let your lame excuse be, “but I have nothing to exercise in.”

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Avoid Snakes Snacks on the plane: That’s right. Don’t start your vacation on a low note. You will have plenty of time to do damage while you’re away. If you are getting on a short flight, eat a healthy meal before you get on, and pack some snacks (almonds, cashews, fruit, crackers, protein bars are some options) so you’re not sidetracked by Pizza Hut in Terminal C or the free cookies the flight attendant hands out. Packing snacks also saves you money. Has anyone SEEN the price of a granola bar at the airport? Jeez. (Segue: If you are renting a vacation home, stock up your fridge! There’s no reason for you to not have some control).

Healthy Travel Snacks (Image: North Texas Kids)

Schedule time for workouts/exercise: You’re going on holiday, yes, but who said anything about taking a break from exercise? Yes, I understand you may not adhere to your 6-times-a-week schedule (absolutely nothing wrong with that!), but there’s absolutely no reason to ditch your workouts completely…especially if you’re gone for quite a while. No gym? No problem. (check out my IG page @Rexie_A for bodyweight exercises that can be done in the comfort/convenience of your hotel room!) 20-30 minutes of heart-pounding exercise is all you need!

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Plan your indulgences ahead: I have a friend who plans her vacay meals ahead. She goes to the restaurant website, and picks out what 3 or 4 course meal she’ll indulge in on each day of her vacation (she even schedules meal times…cray cray!). We’ve planned our meals on all the trips we’ve taken together (we’re nuts, I know!) Sweet potato pancakes with three-egg omelet and chicken sausage for breakfast… no lunch… Asian fusion for dinner. I usually schedule a workout somewhere in between…she heads to the spa. Priorities. Hmmph. The point is, we plan the damage ahead, and that usually prevents us from doing even MORE damage. Well, for the most part!

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Eat more calories than you drink: I know what you’re thinking. Here she goes, talking all this junk about taking it easy on the cocktails, beer, juices, soda, lemonade and any other non-H20 sources that have been manufactured in the last decade. Sorry guys, I will always be an advocate for eating calories. It’s not like most people go, “You know what? I’ll just have three Mojitos for dinner.” Three Mojitos, half a rack of ribs, a few mouthfuls of pulled pork, sweet potato fries, and a black & bleu burger later… you feel completely BLEUGH. So easy on the drinks, people.

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Add fun, physical activities to your plans: Okay, you hate the gym and *insert whine here* Great! Because there are so so many activities you can do while on vacation, and they won’t even feel like work! I can guarantee you’ll be so distracted by all the fun you are having you won’t even think of it as exercise. This summer, I did an obstacle course with a group of friends (I was DRENCHED by the time it was over). For thanksgiving last year, my FBFF (Fitness BFF haha) and I hit the zip lining course (which was part-hiking, part zip lining). Great times! Other activities that are fun (some of which I’ve been dying to try) are kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking, beach volleyball, beach yoga, trail running etc. So many things to choose from!

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Bonus: Walk as often as you can… See the sights, explore the city/town…and burn some much needed calories while you are at it!

Hope this helps! Be sure to write and tell us about all your fitness adventures!

Safe travels,


SN: Please note that life is to be lived, and done so abundantly. Taking a 2-3 day trip to indulge can be fixed by simply resuming your healthy lifestyle when you return. Don’t be so…uptight. But please, leave those unhealthy habits on the plane. You won’t be needing them.