My Baby Abroad

Feyi Bello / Thursday September 3, 2015


Happy almost-weekend! Today we’ll be introducing our non-U.S.-based readers to a service we absolutely love! Whether you’re expecting your first baby, are a veteran mother, or plan to have children in the future, this is the service for you.

MyBabyAbroad is the #1 baby abroad agency in the U.S. Their simple and extraordinary mission, is “to be a trusted partner for you as you navigate the process of having your baby in the United States.”  Their #1 priority is providing expecting international moms with peace of mind while away from home. 

Navigating through the process to secure medical service can be especially stressful and cumbersome for international moms who would normally rely on email communications with the medical centers. This process can be inefficient at times, and very frustrating. This is where MyBabyAbroad comes in!

They serve as a liaison between you and the medical centers to ensure you have the best service at the best negotiated prices. MyBabyAbroad is owned and operated by three moms who at some point relocated to the U.S. and are very familiar with the challenges most international moms will face navigating through the process of securing affordable services. 

MyBabyAbroad also benefits its clients by securing accommodation for them and family member who may accompany them.  Many times when expecting moms plan their travels abroad, they rely on family and friends who are willing to open up their homes to them. Some expecting moms eventually realize how dependent they are on their hosts and may begin to feel more like a burden. On the other hand, some clients have no such friends or family to rely on. With MyBabyAbroad’s accommodation service, clients are provided with clean and cozy apartments equipped with necessities to make the space feel like their own. What makes MyBabyAbroad stand out? Their dedication and companionship! The owners take turns to stop by every so often, to keep their clients’ company. This helps to alleviate the lonesomeness that could arise for some clients who travel alone to deliver their babies in the United States.

MyBabyAbroad also takes care of getting you to and from doctor’s appointments, pre- and post-delivery. They also get you to stores and malls as scheduled with their team. They take care of everything! “We’ll take care of labor too if we could, but we wouldn’t want to take that away from our clients. That’s the amazing experience of bringing life into the world that only mums are privileged to have”, says one of the owners humorously. They also serve clients who would like catering services amongst other things. With MyBabyAbroad, their service package is tailored to your needs.

If you are thinking of having your baby in the United States, you will be served excellently using MyBabyAbroad’s services. They are a friendly bunch with a caring heart. For more information please visit their website at or send your inquiries to