Misha & Puff Lookbook

Feyi Bello / Tuesday November 10, 2015


Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 by Anna Wallack after her baby son spent his first New England winter keeping warm and cozy while swaddled head-to-toe in knits she had made. Drawing on over ten years experience as a stylist, as well as personal understanding of what works well for little ones, we have created a collection that is special yet unfussy, a way to share our love of the thoughtfully designed and handcrafted.”

We love Misha and Puff because each piece is lovingly hand knit in Peru by their talented knitting ladies. Over the past few years they have forged a relationship where they work closely with their knitters who knit  either from their home or at the Misha and Puff knitting center (which provides day care and meals) and allows them to support their families.  Each knitter takes great pride in the pieces she chooses to knit; you will find her name on the hang tag.  When you purchase items from Misha and Puff you are contributing to this collaboration – families working together to benefit everyone. Keep scrolling for more pieces from their collection and inspiration for your little one’s closet!

misha_puff_0605 misha_puff_0610 misha_puff_1219 misha_puff_0232 misha_puff_0281 misha_puff_0292 misha_puff_0303 misha_puff_0387 misha_puff_0441 misha_puff_0473 misha_puff_0493 misha_puff_0472 misha_puff_0680 misha_puff_0745 misha_puff_0782 misha_puff_0763 misha_puff_0812 misha_puff_0910 misha_puff_0911 misha_puff_0922 misha_puff_0925