Maui Family Portrait Session

Feyi Bello / Monday September 28, 2015

Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 01

Happy Monday, folks! If you’re looking for something to brighten up your day, you have come to the right place. This portrait session will surely put a smile on your face. For the shoot, Karma of Karma Hill Photography picked two wonderful locations – a hidden jungle and the breathtaking DT Fleming beach in West Maui. The dramatic difference between the golden sand and aqua water and the lush jungle backdrop make this an amazing photo shoot. Karma who has been working with the family since 2011 said, “it was so wonderful to get to capture their family as their oldest girl is heading off to college heading into the big wide world.” Not only does this shoot radiate pure joy and love, BUT it’s also an example of matching outfits done right and therefore makes every single one of us wish we were a member of this family 🙂 Enjoy!

Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 02 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 03 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 04 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 05 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 06 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 07 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 08 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 09 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 10Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography_MauiPhotographerKarmaHillPhotography4_low Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 11 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 12 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 13 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 14 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 15 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 16 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 17 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 18 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 19 Cunning__Karma_Hill_Photography 20