Japanese-Themed Birthday Party by Coker Creative

Feyi Bello / Thursday August 20, 2015

Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0004-XL

Coker Creative is back for a second time this week with this elegant Japanese-themed surprise birthday party they designed and managed for a client in Lagos, Nigeria. Coker Creative prides itself on paying attention to even the smallest details and using them to bring their client’s dreams and ideas to life. They go above and beyond, and this party was no exception. To help mark the client’s milestone birthday in style, everything from the flowers and place settings to the cake and decor was not only perfectly on-theme, but on-trend.  And as if this party wasn’t cool enough, the celebrant’s husband surprised her with performances by Asa and Korede Bello. Keep on scrolling for more captivating images of the event captured by Wani Olatunde Photography; they are guaranteed to inspire. P.S. – Fun fact, the writing behind the sophisticated lounge setting spells the celebrant’s name in Japanese!

Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0002-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0006-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0008-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0010-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0013-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0015-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0027-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0028-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0039-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0052-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0058-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0059-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0060-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0066-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0067-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0070-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0092-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0229-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0262-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0291-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0638-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0296-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0572-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0647-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0479-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0492-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0494-XLFolawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0504-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0505-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0507-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0509-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0510-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0555-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0567-XL Folawiyo Bday_18Jul2015-0568-XL

Photography- Wani Olatunde | Venue- ALARA | Food- Izanagi | Drinks- Volt Drinks | Cocktails- Rum n Passion | Canapés- Chef Fregz | Dessert- Sweet Harriet | Cake- Dainty Affairs | Decor- Yvent Kouture | Flowers- Aralia by Nature  | Tent- KFA Rentals | Surprise Performances by Korede Bello & Asa | DJ- Humble T | Concept and Planning- Coker Creative