Introducing #PrettyPerfectFit with Rexie

Feyi Bello / Saturday March 7, 2015

Fitness Blog by Pretty Perfect living

Hi. I’m Rexie, and I might be the World’s greatest procrastinator. It’s taken me months to arrive at this point of sharing what some people have called a talent/skill/strength, despite the fact that my lovely CEO friend over here gave me this opportunity and up until this moment, I have kept her…hanging?
So, I invite you to join me on this journey to somewhere – and I say somewhere because often times, we embark on a mission not sure of where we are going, but knowing, with a shadow of a doubt, that our destination will be a hundred, if not a thousand times better, more rewarding and more exciting than our start.
Welcome to Pretty Perfect Fit – Where we know we weren’t born to fit in but stand out; where we realize our bodies, although not perfect, are temples and vessels that require care and nurture; and where we leave all the excuses behind, and just make it happen.


Who is with me?

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