#PrettyPerfectFit: Inner Thighs and Other Problems

Feyi Bello / Thursday September 24, 2015


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Bonjour friends! The weekend is upon us. For me, weekends mean trying not to indulge and break my very restrictive diet. Weekends for me mean staying away from bread, junk food, brunch, banana pudding, frozen yogurt. . . BASICALLY STAYING AWAY FROM LIFE.

Why am I on a restrictive diet? Well, 2 weeks ago, I started a 12 week challenge that would culminate with the celebration of my 30th birthday. Yes, I’m almost 30. The goal was to step out of my comfort zone. To strive for better: eat better, exercise better, live better. I formed a “support” group of people who had similar interests (I call it a support group because I don’t see myself as their “coach,” we are all peers!) and the #3to30, which stands for #3monthsto30years, project was born!

Anyway,  let’s refocus on the real reason I am here. Last night, in the support group (we connect on Whatsapp at ALL hours of the day), one of our members asked about toning her inner thighs. Which brings me to my biggest struggle (besides the love handles, of course!). I am here to complain about my inner thigh jelly. The jiggle. It. drives. me. nuts. Now I must admit there has been a significant reduction from my 240+ lb years, but still…Why so much thighage? My name is Rexie and I was born with thunder thighs. Thanks MOTHER. They did say the best things in life were free. It appears that someone might have stuck two amorphous solid masses to the top of my thighs, rendering me unable to wear those leotards Beyonce, Rihanna and the entire music world gyrate about in on-stage. Not saying I’d ever wear them out of my house but you know, it would be nice to say I could if I wanted to.

This rant would not be complete without a solution to obliterating that extra lump sum of God-knows-what that has been a residence atop my adductor longus (because really, if you don’t like something about yourself, you should do more than grumble about it, if you can).  I’m sure this is a unique situation seeing as you all are purffect. But in case you’re wondering… here are a few inner thighs exercises I (try to) do religiously:

PLIE SQUAT JUMPS (do it with ankle weights, if you dare)image



WALL SQUAT with “ADDUCTOR” MOVE (while in the squat, press knees inward. You can also place an exercise ball in between and squeeeezeeee)



LATERAL LUNGE (you can add weight, slow down the count or add a pulse to feel the extra burn)



WIDE PLIE SQUAT (hold dumbbell. Get LOW. HOLD)



ADDUCTION LEG RAISES (I usually add a weight to the leg being lifted)image

Those leotards must be worn! I mean business….Someone say yes! Hope this helps! Email us at yay@prettyperfectliving.com with your fitness questions!