Family Photo Shoot at the Pleasants

Feyi Bello / Friday March 13, 2015


“Pleasants” could not be a more fitting last name for this gorgeous family. This family photo shoot by the amazingly talented, Marianne Wiest, captures the family in their beautifully styled vintage home. The mother, Vanessa Pleasants, is a founder of The Vintage Whites Market, a large national market and blog, and her home is a clear reflection of her impeccable taste. The photographer captures the amazing light coming through the window and bouncing off the walls, creating an ethereal shoot; a photographer’s dream.

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family shoot- the peasants   Wiest__MarianneWiestPhotography_pleasants116_0_low Wiest__MarianneWiestPhotography_pleasants087_0_lowWiest__MarianneWiestPhotography_pleasants125_0_low