Fall Mommy and Me Session

Feyi Bello / Thursday September 10, 2015


Meaghan’s husband ended up being sick on the day the family had scheduled for their fall photoshoot, but rather than cancel, she decided to go ahead with a mommy and me session instead. And boy are we glad she did! The session took place in November so the leaves weren’t as bright as in September and October, but no matter, because their smiles were all the brightness we need. Meaghan’s love for her kids is palpable in these images captured by Custom Portraits by Charlene. Our favorite shots are…well, everything, but especially the ones with the hugs and kisses because there’s nothing better on a cool fall day than a good ol’ cuddle. Keep scrolling for more images and happy almost weekend!

Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M5_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M9s_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M16s_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M17_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M18_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M21_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M22_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M31_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M33_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M34_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M35_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M45_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M47_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M58_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M91_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M99_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M100_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M104_low Potts__Custom_Portraits_by_Charlene_M107_low