Dionne and George’s Chic Maternity Shoot

Kunbi O / Saturday May 20, 2017

We’re kicking off the weekend with new parent’s Dionne and George’s chic Chicago Maternity Shoot by Olujr Photography. Dionne is such a stylish mama and we can’t get enough of the couple’s sophisticated style. I had the pleasure of attending these two love-bird’s wedding last year and trust me it was one for the books. It’s no surprise, they’re killing it yet again. We asked Dionne to share her inspiration for her shoot as well as tips for new mothers. Enjoy below!

From #prettyperfectmama Dionne:

It was winter time so we were not able to have an outdoor shoot like we would have liked. However, our photographer Olu Jr from OluJr Photography, came through for us and found an indoor venue with an outdoor feel. He suggested The Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier in Chicago and we instantly fell in love with it. The garden was a perfect setting as gardens represent growth and life, and our family was beginning to grow with this new life forming inside me.

 Our look was sophisticated, George and I love to dress up whenever we can, so this shoot gave us the perfect opportunity. It was especially therapeutic for me because in my profession as an anesthesiologist, I practically live in scrubs, and as the pregnancy progressed my scrub size was only getting larger. So it was nice to be able to find a nice dress that made me feel beautiful. We had a great time!

Dionne’s Tips for New Mothers:

I’m only a little over a month into this motherhood business so I do not claim to be an expert. However some things I will advise based on my experience so far:

1. Let your family help you. In Igbo culture we have something called “Omugwo” where the wife’s mother comes and helps her recover after childbirth and care for the baby. My mom stayed with me a few weeks which was amazing! She really helped me catch up on sleep and it was really an opportunity to learn from a master, the little nuances related to caring for a newborn. Also, my other family members helped us by bringing us tons of food, which helped during the recovery because didn’t have to worry at all about cooking, which was great.


2. Let your husband help and set up a system. He may not have those “motherly” instincts but he will take good care of the baby. No need to be on top of him watching his every move. Allow his time with the baby to be your time to rest up and vice versa. Trust me, these little ones are a handful!


3. Sleep when the baby sleeps as much as possible. Their sleep cycle is all over the place, so don’t count on a full night’s rest.


4. If you can, figure out childcare and figure it out before returning to work so you can see how that person/group/facility interacts with your baby so you have some peace of mind. If getting a nanny make sure to get a nanny cam, you can never be too cautious!


5. Take as much maternity leave as you can. You only really get this moment to have uninterrupted time to nurture your baby, make the most of it.


6. Take lots of pictures and videos, capture these moments. It’s amazing how fast they grow even in a few weeks!


7. Above all….pray!