Dancing in the Rain Family Portrait Session

Feyi Bello / Tuesday November 17, 2015

Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 01

Sometimes, the rain brings out a unique sense of joy. That’s exactly what happened when Nicki Evans Photography captured this family portrait session.

Photographer Nicki says:

“As the day approached for this family’s portrait session, the weather started looking a little dreary, but I was optimistic. I know with lots of schedules it’s hard to get everyone together, so I try hard not to cancel sessions. The day of the session it rained on and off, and I was pretty sure this session was not happening. For my normal clients, I would have just canceled. But since the mom was a photographer as well and knew what we’d be working with, I left the call up to her because we really only had one other optional day to shoot portraits before it’d be too late to send out Christmas cards. About an hour before the session, I got the call that we were going for it.

When I arrived at the original location, it was sprinkling a bit. The family was in good spirits, but I could tell mom was a little disappointed. We decided to go ahead and work with what was available and starting taking the first portraits in covered areas, before moving out in the open once the rain stopped.

This family was one of the most fun families I’ve ever photographed. Everyone, even the guys, were super easy going and had a smile on their face. Not once did anyone complain about the on-and-off rain. Everyone was laughing and having a great time through the whole session. And the photos turned out beautifully!

So, although rainy days aren’t always ideal, sometimes it’s okay to just dance in the rain and go with it.”

Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 02 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 03 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 04 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 05 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 06 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 07 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 08 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 09 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 10 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 11 (2) Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 11 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 12 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 13 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 14 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 15 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 16 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 17 Simpson__Nicki_Evans_Photography 18