6 Ways to Make Windows the Focal Point of a Room

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday April 10, 2018

When you’re trying to redecorate or design a room, there’s a lot to process. You might jump to thinking about what kind of carpet to install and paint to choose. If you have a special piece of furniture you want to use, you might try to center the room’s design around that. There are a million different ways to get started on recreating a room depending on what the room’s purpose is and what will be in it, but people often look over their windows when deciding where to begin.

Windows are easily taken for granted because of how the habit is formed of looking through them, but they’re essential to consider when you’re going to decorate a room. In fact, making them the focal point of a room could transform your whole redecorating experience. They’re a great way to make a room feel more open while incorporating natural light. Check out some easy ways you can make your windows the focal point of any room, without needing any design experience or expertise.


1.) Upgrade Your Molding

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Think about the last time you touched up the molding around your windows. Have you never done it before? They get dirty faster than you’d think. Try wiping them down with a simple cleaning solution and then repainting them in a bright white color. They’ll pop against your walls, especially if you repaint those too. You can even look into getting new molding installed to give a more dramatic change to the appearance of your windows.

2.) Hang Some Plants


Placing plants around your window is a great way to make your home have a more natural feel. You can easily put potted plants on shelves or a coffee table near your windows, but you can also hang them outside in a window box. The box is easy to install and maintain, and it’ll give both the inside and the outside of your home a makeover all at once.

3.) Go Bold With Prints

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A classic way to make a room focus on your windows is by choosing the right curtains for your home. There’s always a debate you have to go through with yourself on how to hang them, which will be different depending on the shape of your windows and how they interact with the room. One way to approach curtains is to go bold with a printed fabric. They can act as the statement piece of the room and help you choose furniture and paint colors based on which curtains you end up going home with.

4.) Install a New Arrangement

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If you’re looking for more of an intense change to your windows, you can install a completely new arrangement. Different types of windows will make your room have a different character, so make sure you know all the different types. A garden window will look more rustic and a bay window will create a feeling of coziness. Think about what you want your window to make people feel when they enter the room and choose from there.

5.) Place Furniture Next to It

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Sometimes a window won’t look right with plants or curtains, so if you feel like that’s what you’re struggling with, try something different. Consider the furniture you want to place in that room and think about how you can center it all around your window. A dining room, for example, could easily accentuate windows by being pushed closer to that outer wall. In a living room, the TV center could be hung between your main windows, and the same can be done with a bed in a bedroom.

Moving furniture around is all about getting creative, so look at what you have and experiment by moving the pieces around before deciding on one arrangement. You can also shop around at local thrift stores for affordable furniture you can add to draw more focus to your windows.

6.) Focus on Natural Lighting

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The main draw that windows have is that they create a source of natural lighting in any room. Use this natural lighting to your advantage! Keep any lamps on the opposite side of the room from the windows so that when they’re off, they can blend in with the interior design. Adding plants will draw attention to natural lighting, as well as curtains that are kept up or to the sides of the windows.


There are plenty of ways to make your windows the focal point of any room you’re looking to design. Each room will be a little different, since they’ll all serve different purposes, but you can evaluate what you have in the room you want to design and see what you can use to your advantage. Curtains and plants work well, as does a little paint job on the molding. Do what you can and work with it! Your windows will be a decorating accomplishment you can be proud of.


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