5 Foolproof Hangover Cures

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday April 17, 2017

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There’s no Monday tougher to face than the Monday after a holiday weekend (#SOS). We hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend celebrating with family and eating a delicious meal. BUT if you find yourself deeply regretting that 4th glass of Rose at Easter dinner this morning, you are not alone. The good old college days of somehow drinking gallons of booze and waking up like a refreshed little bunny the next morning are long gone, and successfully pulling off a day of cocktailing these days requires major strategy. Here are our top 5 tips to keep the dreaded hangovers at bay:

1.) It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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The best way to beat a hangover is to not get one at all. I know that won’t sound particularly useful if you’re currently battling a major headache right now, but this is still a very valid Tip #1. You’ve heard it a million times for a reason – for every glass of wine/beer/cocktail you throw back, follow it with a glass of water. Hangovers are basically just dehydration, so staying hydrated is your surest bet to avoiding feeling like death. Also, never hurts to pop two aspirin before bed to ward off the head throbs.

2.) Breakfast Sandwiches

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Didn’t follow the water rule? Go ahead and delete MyFitnessPal off your phone because hangover mornings call for greasy, fat breakfast sandwiches my friend. Personal favorites include the bacon gouda breakfast sandwich from Starbucks and sausage McGriddle (obviously with hashbrowns). Save that egg white crap for tomorrow when you feel like a beast for eating away your hangover. This 100% always makes me feel better.

3.) Move Your Body

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Sound like the worst thing in the world? Well, it is. But it can definitely help if you’re hangover isn’t TOO debilitating. The morning after some bad decisions, which usually include about 2 pounds of guacamole and a Doritos Loco taco (judge me whatever), I can tend to feel like the puffiest human alive. Sometimes forcing myself to get in a quick workout can really help. Endorphins are a real thing, and I definitely never feel WORSE after a workout, so don’t knock it til you try it.

4.) Pedialyte

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Meant for children with the flu, absolutely necessary for adults with self control problems. This magic elixir is full of electrolytes and designed to make you feel better after dehydration, so essentially no explanation needed. Yea, the checkout lady at Walgreens is gonna know you’re having a rough day, but who cares cause you’ll feel better like 30 minutes after drinking it.

5.) Screw it – bottoms up!

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If you can’t beat em, join. This is basically why brunch was invented right? You could feel miserable all day, but if it’s Sunday morning why not just keep it going and order some mimos with that avo toast. Hair of the dog (which is a super weird phrase btw) is a real thing and one of the oldest remedies in the book. Yes, you’ll eventually have to deal with that hangover, but might as well put it off til tomorrow. Cheers!