5 Fitness Classes We’re Dying to Try

Kunbi O / Monday February 5, 2018

If you’re anything like us, doing the same old workout day in and day out can get old, especially if you’re sweating for the wedding. If you want to shake up your routine and re-energize your fitness regimen, why not spice it up with a brand new fitness class? Grab a girlfriend and your Groupon app, and search out one of these must-try group fitness classes for a sweat sesh you won’t forget!

1. Aerial Yoga

Via Trium Fitness

You haven’t tried a yoga class until you’ve done yoga in mid-air. Aerial Yoga (or anti-gravity yoga) is a newer form of yoga that has its roots in New York, but has spread over the world like wildfire! In the class, you’ll be making use of what looks like a graceful silk hammock (but is actually a super-tough Nylon that can support 2,000 pounds) from the ceiling to hold traditional yoga poses and a few fancy aerial variations. Afraid of heights? Don’t worry, you’re only suspended about three feet off your mat!

2. Pound

Via the Long Island Pulse

Fitness inspired by drumming…what more could you ask for? This unique fitness class makes use of special exercise drumsticks to create a full-body drumming workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength-training with yoga and pilates moves. Grab your girlfriends and get ready to tone up while letting loose and having fun!

3. Pole Dancing

Via Brass Beauties

Make 2018 the year that you finally try this super-sexy fitness craze. Pole-dancing fitness classes combine multiple layers of core and upper-body strength building and the idea of loosening your inhibitions. Women go to the class once to try something new, and stay because they’ve found an empowering, expressive outlet that makes them feel liberated, sexy and confident. That’s right — pole fitness strength-trains your core, and your spirit!

4. HIIT Barre

Via Barre & Beats Fitness Studio

Someone decided that the toning and conditioning received from the ballet and pilates-inspired workout of barre needed a little more oomph, and we couldn’t thank them enough! HIIT Barre, or High Intensity, Low Impact Barre is the next-gen version of this popular workout that is here to stay. It combines strength training with cardio-centric circuits using things like body weight, step-up platforms and ankle weights. It combines the small movement, big change mentality of barre with a little extra power for a workout you won’t forget.

5. Surfing-Inspired Fitness Classes

Via SurfSet Long Island

Appropriately, this fitness craze got its origins on Shark Tank. The surfboard-inspired unit is the foundation of a workout that is focused on the surfer’s body. That is, a lean body with tight, well-defined muscles and little body fat! Accordingly, the board and workout challenges your body with every move by engaging core and stabilizer muscles as well as targeting muscle groups. If you’ve ever surfed before, you’ll recognize the moves inspired by paddling, duck-diving through waves, popping up and riding waves!



-By Kristen Klingensmith