10 Road Trip Essentials

Feyi Bello / Monday May 16, 2016


Hey there, Pretties! With summer just around the corner it’s time to nail down those summer vacay plans. Planning a road trip with your guy or girlfriends? Then you absolutely need to check out our top 10 must-haves for any road trip! You don’t wanna forget these essentials when you’re on the open road. Check out some of our essentials and let us know yours with the hashtag #PrettyPerfectRoadtrip!

Xoxo, Kacie


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#1 A good playlist is ESSENTIAL for a long drive on the road. Create your own summer playlist with Spotify or your iTunes library, or let Pandora do the thinking for you! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to roll down the windows, breathe in the fresh summer air and crank up the tunes!


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#2 Sunnies!  Okay this one may seem obvious but you don’t realize how easy it is to pack all your favorite sunglasses and regret it once you’re on the open road! Make sure to tuck your favorite pair in your purse before packing so you can slide them on once you’re out in the sun.


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#3 Water bottles are always good to have when going on a long drive. Nothing hydrates the body as well as water so keeping one or two bottles with you in the car is great for sipping in between pit stops!


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#4 Snacks! While we are on the subject, we can’t forget to mention car snacks. Never rely on stopping at pit stops to get your fix; sometimes those things come few and far between, so it’s best to pack some of your faves just in case. Some great car snacks are mixed nuts or trail mix, your favorite candy, and fresh fruit you can bite into like apples!


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#5 A good book is always good to have on hand! You have nothing but free time in the car (unless you’re the driver of course) so this is a great time to catch up on some reading or take a break from your social media feeds.


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#6 Don’t forget your phone charger! Seriously, a dead phone battery in the middle of your drive is not a good look. Make sure you or a friend brings a car charger or portable phone charger for the road!


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#7 A change of clothes— trust us, you’ll thank us later! I used to drive up and down the east coast every summer for college and I learned quickly that no matter what you wear, you’ll probably want to be in something else after about 10 hours. Wearing leggings or sweats? Pack a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to throw on in case you get hot. Or pack a sweatshirt or pants if you’re in shorts. Trust us, there’s very little that’s more uncomfortable than being in the wrong clothing in the car.


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#8 Mini makeup travel bag! Okay okay so maybe you don’t want to wear a full face of makeup on a road trip BUT having a few necessities and my personal must-have—makeup wipes, aren’t a bad idea to have on hand! Just pack some mascara, chapstick, concealer (for any under eye circles that may pop up after sleeping in a car for a few hours), and some makeup remover wipes to wipe it all off later and keep your face feeling fresh and voila!


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#9 Cash! Keeping some emergency cash in your wallet is always a good idea. It can come in handy for any pop-up tolls, or any other emergency purchase that may happen on the road.


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#10 Good friends! What summer road trip is complete without a good companion for the ride? Grab your girlfriends or your guy and hit the road for a long weekend! Unfortunately summer time doesn’t last forever so why not enjoy it with your favorite people while you can? And don’t forget your camera to capture all the fun!