Bridal Gloves Are Making a Come Back for Fall 2023

Perfete Blogger / Sunday October 30, 2022

The elegant glove look has been around for centuries, and its a fashion trend that has resurfaced throughout the last few hundred years. Bridal gloves have made a roaring return yet again, as designers paired them with their Fall 2023 styles during New York Bridal Fashion Week. Coming in a variety of styles, you’ll find the fingered glove look from sheer and simple to blinged out with detail.

Close of detail shot of the intricate see-through lace pattern of a hand in Francesca Miranda bridal gloves paired with a matching dress
Dress: Francesca Miranda | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Sheer bridal gloves with floral applique design
Dress: Mira Zwillinger


Dress: BERTA


Dress: BERTA


Not looking for a fingered glove look or completely full coverage? Designers are also adapting the glove silhouette into their detachable sleeves. Paying homage to the bridal glove, this style presents itself in different ways. For some looks, detachable sheer sleeves are designed with rouching up the arm to create the look of a long glove gathering just above the elbow.

Other detachable sleeve looks rely on their extended length, ending somewhere typically beyond the knuckle, to give the illusion of a fingerless glove. Some even cover the hand entirely, giving the concept of a fingered glove without fully covering the fingers, a great option for those who want to slip their wedding ring on during the ceremony without removing their glove or placing the ring over it.

Dress: Francesca Miranda | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Sparkle encrusted fingerless bridal gloves that extend beyond the finger tips worn on a runway model with her hands at her side of a strapless dress made of matching, sparkling material
Dress: Madeline Gardner | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Dress: Julie Vino | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen


Dress: Claire Pettibone | Photographer: Syed Yaqeen