All Hail The Valedictorian: Mimi Abudu’s Graduation

Feyi Bello / Wednesday May 18, 2022
It’s GRADUATION Season and the GWORLS are coming through with beauty, brains, and CELEBRATORY content!
Mimi Abudu (London, UK) celebrated her triple threat graduation with a lovely formal dinner, followed by a party with a champagne tower, and she shared her amazing experience with us!
Just to highlight her mind-blowing achievement: She graduated with a first-class, was Valedictorian, completed her apprenticeship, and completed her CFA exams, WHO DOES THAT?!
Congratulations Mimi, you absolute Genius!




Tell us what you were celebrating & how you feel about what you’ve achieved

The celebration(s) was for my graduation and finishing my apprenticeship with a triple distinction! We were celebrating graduating with a First Class, finishing my CFA level 1, finishing both my apprenticeships with Distinction and being Valedictorian for the first. For me, it was so personal because the choice to leave university and do an apprenticeship was definitely a ‘God thing’, and it was really great to see the fruit of my obedience. He was so faithful and I had so favour throughout…he showed off and showed out for me! So we really had to celebrate big. It was really special for me because it was four-plus years in the making – a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I’d imagined the celebration for a very long time (I got my dress almost 2 years before) and knew exactly what I wanted it to feel like.

What does celebration mean to you and why was it important to celebrate the way you did?

It was just important to me to celebrate with my people and acknowledge my achievements in a way that brings joy.

What was the most important detail of the event?

I wanted to have a dinner to really honour the people that played a particularly special role in the journey (though there were many others that supported me throughout!). I’m a really big believer in giving honour where honour is due, and this was my way of thanking them. I had a mix of mentors, managers, my parents, aunties, friends’ parents, and friends in the room. One thing about me – I WILL mix crowds, and it’s always worked because good people vibe with good people. Everyone and everything came together seamlessly. The dinner was really not about me at all, it was about them and saying thank you. I made sure to give a speech about the role each person had played, and I was so honoured to do that. A tear was shed. And then they repaid the favour- more tears. It was perfect. There was a lot of love in the details from the choice to have Indian food because it’s communal, to the seating plan. I wanted it to be a treat for them. We literally stayed in the restaurant until we were kicked out- no one wanted to leave.

But the party, the party was about ME. I had Kem Kem on music which is always a great idea. My friends/ family/others came together and we all had a great time drinking and dancing together. I did not want a party where people didn’t dance, so I really promoted that. I only wish we could have partied for longer because it ended relatively early.


What was the most memorable part of the night for you?

My favourite part of the party (apart from having my people in one room) was definitely the champagne tower lol. It was crucial that I had one. Champagne poetry turned to Moment 4 life… it was excellent.

For the dinner, I remember when I was crying and my mentor stood and brought me a hanker-chief and comforted me. She’s usually quite ‘tough’, so I was so touched.