5 Unique Ring Designs That Will Make Anyone Say “Yes”

Feyi Bello / Thursday May 5, 2022

Article by Katie Tejada

Finding the right ring for your proposal can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, the reward for finding that needle in the form of a ring goes far beyond what words can say. For your fiancé-to-be, go the extra mile and find a ring design that is unique and stylish to get that wide-eyed, joy-filled, “Yes” response.


Designing a unique ring style for the person you love is a treasure mission. Even a third-generation professional diamond business owner understands how much the ring style matters when picking an engagement ring.


Rohan Agrawal, a co-founder of AZEERA, says, “Ring style is one of the most vital aspects of a ring. You want one that catches everyone’s eyes and speaks to you both as you join your lives together. Create a unique custom design that is true to the power of your love alone.”

Stones, metal, shapes, sizes, and designs all make up the components of the ring you are about to purchase and propose to your love with. Let our five creative ring designs help guide you on this journey of finding the perfect engagement ring.


5 Unique Ring Styles


1.   Double Band Ring

Popularity is growing in the ring industry with stackable rings. A double band ring has two bands joined together in the middle by a diamond. Choose a diamond setting like an oval or diamond shape and bring together the unique two-band design.

The creative design of the double band ring can be dainty with thin bands or more classic with thicker pavé bands. Whichever way you decide to have your love wear this ring, know that people will discuss it for years.


2.   Toi et Moi Ring

Toi et Moi rings signify two becoming one. This fashionable engagement ring has a unique design of wrapping the band around and ending in the middle with two stones nearly touching. The impact of the design makes for delightful compliments between the stones and band.

Show your commitment to love by joining together as one with a Toi et Moi ring. Design the ring with diamonds and settings that fit the love you share. You can even dress this ring up with different gemstones to bring your love together through color and design.

3.   Eternity Ring

The circular symbol of a ring has always shown the love that never ends, with no beginning or ending point. Eternity rings take this symbol to a new level by having the ring’s circle encompassed with diamonds around your finger. The never-ending design of diamonds shows that the beauty and sparks of your love are everlasting.

Design the eternity pavé with the type of diamond setting that speaks to your love. You can create an eternity band on any ring style, such as a halo, vintage Victorian, beveled, or modern single diamond setting. Any way you design the ring will always share your love through the never-ending stones.

4.   Gemstone Ring

Diamond rings are beautiful, but they explode with eye-catching glamor when you add color with gemstones. Choose a ring with diamonds and a gemstone that represents your partner or something between you.

As gems share in the aesthetics of the ring, they create an opportunity for conversation and intrigue with others. Give your love a reason to talk more about the ring with a gemstone that tells a story of you two and your unfading love. For example, if you met on St. Patrick’s Day, an emerald gemstone would be a fantastic match to your ring and love story.


5.   Floral Ring

Floral rings bring an intuitive design of art and creativity. You can quickly adapt a floral ring into a single-layer or halo-style ring setting. These unique rings come in different colors, shapes, and sizes for your floral look. You can have anything from an oval to a teardrop to a circular petal design with a round center.

Gemstones are excellent to add to this floral engagement ring as it brings to life the colors of the flower design. Share this trendy ring style with your fiancé-to-be and let your love continue to bloom through life as beautifully as the flower on their finger.

Find Your Unique Ring Today!

When you find the perfect engagement ring, you will know without a doubt that your life’s love will answer with the word you are waiting to hear, “Yes.” As you decide what kind of ring you are looking for, whether it be a diamond, gemstone, floral, Toi et Moi, double band, or an eternity ring, finding the right one will take time. As you think of your fiancé-to-be, think of a ring that will inspire them most and look fabulous on them for the rest of your lives.