Ines Di Santo Debuts Two New Collections for Spring 2023

Perfete Blogger / Sunday April 10, 2022

The incomparable Ines Di Santo has released not one, but two bridal collections for Spring 2023. This season was inspired by Di Santo’s youth and experiences growing up around the world.

“Last season I shared my love of family and our Italian roots. In this new season, I drew inspiration from my formative years and the integral cities from around the world that have nurtured my growth as a designer.
Join me as I look to my childhood in Buenos Aires, reflect on my time studying couture in Paris, and see how I discovered opulence in Dubai. This season’s collections are a glimpse into my fantasy world from my explorative years and discover how my travels led me to collect the skills I have spent my career trying to perfect.” – Ines Di Santo

Model wears sleeveless Ines DiSanto Spring 2023 wedding dress ballgown while sprawled across a blue velvet chair surrounded by whimsical and colorful details such as flamingo statues and pink balloons.


“Wonderland” – Ines by Ines Di Santo Spring 2023

Head down the rabbit hole and transport yourself to Wonderland with the Ines by Ines Di Santo collection. Photographed with whimsical, Alice in Wonderland-esque details, these gowns transport brides to a whole new world on their special day.

“Throughout my world travels I was curious, absorbing everything that I was experiencing,” shares Di Santo. “Looking back on earlier days, it was more like I was living in a dream, totally lost in a new world. With this collection I tried to recreate the mischievous sense of wonder I experienced, and approached the gowns with the same carefree sense of playfulness I feel when revisiting those memories. I hope you’ll find yourself transported to my “Wonderland” the same way I got lost in the process of creating it.”