Sloan & Brian’s Classic Ethereal Wedding

Feyi Bello / Wednesday January 19, 2022

What words would you use to describe the theme/decor/inspiration for this wedding? 

Classic, elegant, monochromatic, joyful.

The elegance of this event is rooted in traditional details, with a bit of a glamorous twist. The color scheme is that of a crisp tuxedo: black and white, and accented with beautiful greenery, adding life and freshness to the late fall affair. From the church ceremony to the country club reception, white blooms, gilded accents, lots of candlelight, and endless joy carried through the occasion.

The couple had a larger bridal party, and from the very start, bride Sloan knew exactly how she wanted to dress her best friends. The groom and gentleman donned classic tuxes, the group was so handsome. But the ladies were the perfect complement to the stunning bride, each wearing an ivory gown, a tradition dating back centuries, a bold choice these days (when “only the bride wears white”), and a gorgeous foundation for the rest of the event design.

The celebration took place in the bride’s hometown, the beautiful Catholic church chosen for the sacred vows, and a neighborhood golf and country club selected for the dinner and dancing that followed.

What unique/special details were incorporated into the day?

The bride and her mother kept the wedding gown a secret from everyone. It wasn’t until the “bridesmaids first look” and first peek with dad that the beautiful gown was revealed. According to bride Sloan “everyone had a very specific idea of what kind of dress I would wear, and I wore something completely different. It was so fun keeping it a secret and having everyone guess throughout the wedding process. Then, the look on their faces was priceless.”

What were the most important elements the couple was looking for in their design?

The keyword is timeless. The bride wanted something that she could look back on and not be able to tell what decade the wedding took place, and that no matter how styles and trends change over the years, she would still absolutely love her wedding design.

What were you/the couple inspired by as you put together the design?

From the bride: “I was inspired by two people – my mom and my wedding planner, Kristine of Simply Charming Socials. One day I told my mom “I typically love lots of color, but I don’t want that for my wedding for some reason. I feel like I’ll get sick of any colors that I choose, besides white. White has always meant ‘wedding’ for me.” She then told me “You’re definitely my daughter because that’s what I did when I got married.” My wedding planner inspired me because she knew how to capture my thoughts and bring them to life. I felt confident in explaining anything I wanted to her, and I knew she would be able to transform it into something brilliant!”

Describe any custom moments, family traditions, etc.

During the Father of the Bride speech, he shared the hospital gown that he was wearing when Sloan was born. It had her footprints, the date, and “It’s a Girl” on the gown. She couldn’t believe that he kept it for that long, and knowing him, he only kept it for that special moment.

The bride’s parents also surprised the couple and their guests on the dance floor with Dairy Queen Dilly Bars. When Sloan was little, she loved how Dairy Queen made the little swirl at the top of their ice cream cones so much that she always said “I want to be a Dairy Queen waitress when I grow up.”

An additional notable detail included lucky scratch-off lottery tickets taped to the bottom of each and every guest’s chair at the reception.

Describe any other details we should know about the couple, their story, the planning process, or the wedding itself!