Take me out to the Wedding Ball: The Green Wedding

Feyi Bello / Monday August 16, 2021
Grant and Misty met in the fall of 2013.
He was finishing the MLB season in Texas playing against the Rangers. While in town, Grant and a few teammates ventured out to a bar to watch USC football and Misty was having after-dinner drinks with two girlfriends. After a lot of eye contact across the room, one of the girls called Grant and his friends to come over. They all began chatting, and he was very hesitant to say what he was in town for, but once he did he told them he played for the Angels, and he offered them tickets to the Angels vs. Rangers game the following day. He and Misty exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes. Misty went to the game and texted Grant afterward to thank him.
They would randomly text over the next year until she saw him again in the summer of 2014. This time, it was in Anaheim where they were playing the Rangers again. Misty didn’t tell Grant she was in town, but she posted a photo with her girlfriends on Instagram wearing a Rangers shirt after the game. Ten minutes later she got a text from Grant that said “Do not ever wear that shirt in my stadium again.”
With no plans to meet up whatsoever, in walks Grant to the same bar Misty and her girlfriends were getting drinks at. It was clearly meant to be for them to be together!
Misty’s style is described as elegant and glamorous, and she wanted a big epic party to celebrate her and Grant’s future together. Her key must-haves were something classic, and stunning, but not too overdone. Our team went to work mixing classic whites and golds and playing off of the ballroom’s existing beauty. The deep gold draping really made all of Misty’s glimmering crystal details and white florals pop to wow guests as they entered for dinner. With a groom who is over 6ft, we used the existing mirrored archways in the ceremony space as the perfect frame for a floral arch as they said their vows.
The night was complete with a baseball-themed after-party, and Disney-themed groom’s cake as a nod to their first date together, and one of the happiest places on earth to visit.