The Perfete Father’s Day Gift Guide

Feyi Bello / Saturday June 12, 2021

Introducing Dami Okuboyejo! Our Gifts and DIY Contributor! 

Dami is a fan favorite and day one member of the Perfete family! She owns the wonderful By Dami Studios, which specializes in creating luxury custom invitations, fine stationery, and gifting! And so when we were considering a gifts and DIY gal we knew we HAD to have her.

For her debut, she is giving us the Perfete Father’s Day Gift Guide! Take it away Dami!!!

Dami: Thanks Feyi! I’m SO delighted to be joining the perfete family!

Father’s day is right around the corner and you know your fairy-gift-godmother has you covered. I tend to lean towards truly personalized gifts as I just feel like gifts offer the perfect opportunity to go deep and express your love and true feelings lol. I have a pretty sweet round-up here of truly personalized gifts as well as some amazing ready-to-order pieces. Whatever you do, make sure you show dad some love for father’s day (well actually every day, but don’t forget father’s day 🙂

Chatbooks: I am mildly obsessed with chatbooks, and you will see it in a lot of our gift guides because it works every time. For fathers’ day, put together a collection of your favorite pics with dad and make a special daddy and my book. Chatbooks have actually created a custom cover and it is a hit, guaranteed to be treasured for a long time. If you have little kiddos, they have a fill-in-the-blank option with prompts as well. 

Divvy Up: Socks have got to be the cheesiest but cutest gift you can ever give your dad. I would recommend you go with the custom option, but if you prefer, they have some pre-designed options ready to go. We did a set of these a couple of years ago and it is still a favorite.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Sets: This is perfect for dads who like to host or simply enjoy a nice whiskey. These glasses and custom decanter are the perfect addition to any bar. I especially like this one because you can add a personalized message for dad. If you can’t tell, I live for personalization.


Personalized Speakers: Instagram must know that I have been researching father’s day gifting because I was minding my business and an ad for personalized UBL Speakers popped up and now I have to get one for my husband’s father’s day gifting. Get to it guys, your dad needs a wireless speaker with your face on it right???? (or maybe your fav pic with your dad would be better 😉

Hooray Heroes Custom Book: A lot of items in our gift guide have been tried out by yours truly, so trust me when I say this is a guaranteed hit!!! I got this for my husband’s first father’s day, but come close let me tell you a secret. This book is a gift for dad, but it is really a gift for the kids. A personalized book with stories, but then dad gets to read it to the kids for bedtime. See, it is a hit lol. The gift that keeps on giving 😉



Courant Wireless Charging and Accessories Tray: Can we talk about how sleek, minimalistic, and modern this leather wireless charging tray and accessories tray is. Courant actually offers several options, so be sure to check out the several options to see which one suits the dad in your life. One more thing, ya’ll knew this was coming, but it can totally be personalized with your dad’s initials.


Hot Sauce Making Kit: Y’all I did not realize how personal folks take their hot sauce until recently. My favorite is actually this one, but I digress. Apparently, a hot sauce collection is a thing!!! So if you have a dad in your life that loves to experiment in the kitchen and a big fan of hot sauces, then this hot sauce-making kit is the way to go!!!

Digital Frames: These will ALWAYS be a hit. You don’t have to print anything out, no albums. Simply upload your images and go!!! Pre-upload all of your favorite daddy and me images before gifting. I guarantee dad will love this one.


Shiatsu Foot Massager: This is the perfect gift for a dad that is always on the move. It screams sit back, relax and rejuvenate. It comes with heat, deep kneading, compression…this is starting to sound like a gift I need in my life lol. 

Bro Mask by Jaxon Lane is made especially for men. Let’s be honest, dads need to feel rejuvenated and a little bit of self-care goes a long way. One sheet comes in 2 parts just in case dad has a beard he can use just the top half of the sheet. My point is this was very well thought through and your dad deserves a little bit of pampering. 

If you are a prepackaged gift kind of gifter, then I suggest you check out some of our favorite gifting companies for some premade father’s day gift boxes.



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